In the Belgorod region, on the border with Ukraine, a large ammunition depot detonates

An ammunition depot caught fire 30 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

In the Belgorod region, another fire broke out at an ammunition depot. The explosions turned out to be so serious that it was necessary to announce the evacuation of residents of at least two settlements, while in a few hours the situation on the spot turned out to be critical - explosions could be observed even from the territory of Ukraine and the LPR.

On the presented video footage, filmed by residents of the Belgorod region, you can see the strongest detonation of shells and missiles in weapons and ammunition depots. What kind of ammunition was stored in warehouses is not specified, however, the expansion of the latter is recorded within a radius of more than a kilometer. To date, the fire at the ammunition depot is still ongoing, but the explosions have become much less frequent, but the situation is still extremely difficult.

It is known that the authorities of the region decided to evacuate the inhabitants of the settlements of Timonovo and Soloti, while there are no details about the destruction, victims and victims by the current moment. According to the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov, the cause of the explosions at the ammunition depot was a fire, but the circumstances in this regard are not given.

“In the area of ​​​​the village of Timonovo, Valuysky urban district, an ammunition depot caught fire. According to the latest reports, there were no casualties, no casualties. The head of the district takes the residents of the villages of Timonovo and Soloti to a safe distance. Emergency services are on the scene and the cause of the fire is under investigation."- said Gladkov.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet made any official statements on this matter.


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