In the Belgorod region, the wife of a mobilized man was detained with cartridges, a smoke bomb and grenades

In the Belgorod region, the police found cartridges and ammunition in the car of the mobilized wife.

The woman was heading to Moscow, however, on the way her car was stopped by police officers. During the search, it turned out that the woman was carrying 60 cartridges for the AK-74 assault rifle, a smoke bomb, and an F-1 combat defensive grenade in her bag.

At the moment, the woman has been detained, and the arsenal of ammunition found on her has been confiscated in order to establish where exactly she could get such a large amount of cartridges and other ammunition. As Rusnews notes, the woman turned out to be the wife of a conscript who asked her to hand over the package to her colleague, however, no other details are given on this matter.

Given the discovery of such a large arsenal of ammunition in a woman, she may well face criminal liability. However, it is obvious that the police will also be interested in the identity of the man to whom such a package was intended. Moreover, at the moment, criminal liability may also threaten a mobilized person who handed over ammunition to his wife.

In fact what has happened is being checked.


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