In Belarus, they demanded from the Russian military to "get away" and "not to loom"

In Belarus, they demanded that the Russian military get away and not hang over their heads.

The military exercises "Slavic Brotherhood - 2020" held on the territory of Belarus were not without a new scandal for the two countries. So, despite the joint exercises of the two countries to protect the border of the Union State, the Russian military was demanded to get out of Belarus, offering not to loom overhead.

The reason for such harsh statements about the Russian military on the part of users of the Belarusian segment of social networks was the fact that relations between Belarus and Russia have cooled down significantly recently, and in Belarus itself they do not trust the exercises.

“Why are they here? Fighting fictional terrorists with strategic bombers ?! "

“Whom are we going to bomb? There is nothing to loom over your head - go away "

"Let them get away with their planes and tanks!"

Such statements regarding the Russian military, although made by users of social networks, indicate the fact that relations between the two countries continue to collapse, and, moreover, such a policy is partially observed by the Belarusian authorities. In particular, a few days ago Belarus again raised the issue of the "tax maneuver", hinting at the need to pay an amount ranging from several hundred million dollars to several billion, although earlier it was announced that Minsk would receive a new loan of 1,5 billion dollars ...

Required by social media users? This is, of course, powerful!
VS Vysotsky said about such “threats” - “If you don’t respond, we will write to Sportloto”!

Who are these social media users? And why should we consider their unofficial opinion? All Russophobic things come to us from the West, in particular from Poland, so why should we (by WE, I mean Belarusians and Russians) should take their opinion into account?