In Belarus they told how Russia tried to “cheat” with Su-30СМ fighters

Belarus was dissatisfied with the negotiations on re-equipping the country's air force with Russian airplanes.

State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zas spoke about negotiations with Russia regarding the re-equipment of Belarus with Russian military aircraft. According to him, Russia tried to impose the deployment of military airbases on the territory of the country, but received a sharp rejection, and therefore Belarus had to purchase its own combat aircraft.

“Initially, in this process we tried to come to an agreement with the Russian Federation to assist us in solving this complex and very costly task. In exchange, we received an offer to deploy the Russian Federation Air Force Base on our territory. But you must admit that this is not the same thing. ”- said Stanislav Zas

Earlier, Belarusian analysts suggested that due to Russia's refusal to provide military aircraft, Russia may lose the right to deploy its military facilities on the territory of Belarus, since the same Su-30СМ fighters were acquired by the Belarusian side, including for protection the borders of the Union State.