Tank is burning


In Belarus, they still attacked a train with armored vehicles

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has recognized the attack on the train with armored vehicles.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has admitted the fact of an attack on a convoy of armored vehicles near Minsk. The incident occurred at the end of January this year, when a citizen of a neighboring state threw a Molotov cocktail into a T-72 tank, which was moved on a railway platform. Then the Belarusian defense department came out with a denial of information about any attack. According to the Belarusian media, the suspect in the attack was detained, and, judging by the case file, the armored vehicles suffered quite serious damage.

“After preparing a Molotov cocktail, Mikhailov set off on foot from the forest to the military equipment in order to carry out a criminal intent. <...> For the further implementation of the criminal goal, bringing to the notice of the committed arson of military equipment due to their political views to an indefinite circle of persons, also to the servicemen of the Armed Forces. And also for the purpose of destabilizing public order, inflicting in the form of grave consequences committed by Mikhailov crimes, at the threat to life and health of servicemen who guard military equipment, people who are near the scene of the crime, including at the Ozerishche station ", - quotes an excerpt from the case materials by the Belarusian information publication "Kyky.org".

There are no official comments on this from the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, however, apparently, the tank set on fire was seriously damaged, although initially any attack on a train with armored vehicles was generally denied.

The sentry slept, otherwise the arsonist would not have been well. It is necessary in the army to refresh the knowledge of the guard duty regulations.



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