A train with 15 Tor-M2 air defense systems arrived in Belarus

A train with 15 Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems arrived in Belarus.

According to the Belarusian Telegram channels, less than a day ago, a train loaded with Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems arrived in Belarus. The latter are officially in service with the Belarusian army and therefore may be part of the supplies from the Russian armed forces in order to strengthen the defense capability of the borders, however, no official statements have been made in this regard.

It is known that air defense systems are sent to the northwestern part of Belarus, which, in turn, raised a number of questions.

“On November 25.11.2022, 14, at 04:961, military train No. 15 was sent to the Lesnaya station (Brest branch of the Belarusian Railways), which included at least 2 units of the Tor-M10 air defense system and 15 units of engineering equipment. The train arrived at Borisov station today at 35:XNUMX., - reports the "Telegram" channel "Community of Railway Workers of Belarus".

Deliveries of Tor-M2 complexes may be caused by the fact that, according to the Belarusian border guards, Ukrainian drones have repeatedly flown into the territory of Belarus, which Belarusian air defense systems are unable to fight, however, among other things, these complexes can also be used to reflect MLRS HIMARS attacks.


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