In Bulgaria, the demolition of a monument to the Soviet army began

The authorities of Sofia began dismantling the figures of the Soviet Army monument located in the Sredets district, as сообщил Mayor of the Traicho district Traikov. According to his statement, 30 days are allotted for this procedure.

Traikov emphasized that the structure is in extremely poor condition and requires immediate intervention. The health and safety plans indicate that the sculptures will be dismantled and moved to another location for storage and possibly subsequent restoration. He also clarified that the discussion about where exactly the sculptures will be moved is still ongoing.

Traikov noted that the question of what will be installed in place of the dismantled monument remains open. He has many proposals and ideas regarding the future use of this symbolic part of Sofia. Possible options include preserving the monument's foundation for the installation of a new monument, or using the area for other purposes, such as a puppet theater or park.

The Sofia regional administration announced the need for urgent restoration of the monument, which requires its dismantling and relocation. A new protective fence has already been installed around the monument. The examination showed that the monument requires urgent emergency restoration, which requires dismantling and relocation.

According to experts, the monument has not been maintained for the past 70 years, which has led to cracks in the bronze castings and a real danger of elements peeling off from the figures. Severe corrosion of reinforcing metal structures and “bronze disease” (formation of copper chloride on the surface) are also observed.

There are currently police patrols around the monument to ensure security.


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