In Bulgaria, they talked about a new way to "kill" MiG-29 fighters

In Bulgaria, they told how to destroy MiG-29 fighters.

The command of the Bulgarian Air Force reported that the Russian military used a rather unusual way of incapacitating fighters in service with this European country. According to experts, Russia has stepped up its flights near the borders with Bulgaria, realizing that in this case, the MiG-29 fighters of the Bulgarian Air Force will gradually develop their resources, and, ultimately, will become completely unusable, thereby undermining the country's defense.

“Russia deliberately provokes extraordinary flights“ ... ”to reduce the flying resources of Bulgarian fighters, exhausting the MiG-29”, - quotes the words of military sources, the publication "Mediapool".

Specialists, in turn, call such a statement outright nonsense, referring to the fact that in such a case, fighter aircraft of the Russian Air Force would suffer no less.

“Based on this statement, it follows that Russian fighters fly along 850 kilometers only in order to develop the resource of the Bulgarian MiG-29, which, it is necessary to overcome only about 100-200 kilometers. It’s strange that the United States doesn’t think of anything like this when fighters escort Russian strategic bombers hundreds of kilometers away. ”, - the expert Avia.pro marks.

Why not? Quite possible.
First, you need to take into account the ability to restore the motor resources of their aircraft by Russia and Bulgaria. The result may be an order by Bulgaria of capital or even modernization of MiGs from those for whom it is beneficial for Russia.
Secondly, it is not a fact that it is for this that Russia is raising its fighters, dragging them for 850km. They can perform more than one task on this course, but the Bulgarians intentionally fly by the “bonus”, making a detour, or even almost simultaneously.