Armenia lost its second Su-25 attack aircraft in the battles in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Armenian Air Force began to suffer the first serious losses.

After two days ago it became known about the downed Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force, official data appeared that a few hours ago Armenia lost another combat aircraft - it also turned out to be the Su-25 attack aircraft. At the moment, information about whether the plane was shot down or fell due to technical problems is not specified, however, according to the Azerbaijani side, the attack on the Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force was not carried out.

"The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense claims that two Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force crashed into the mountain on September 29, and were not shot down.", - about it сообщает "Telegram" -channel "Military Review".

Taking into account the fact that according to the data of open public sources, the Armenian Air Force is armed with only 14 Su-25 attack aircraft (one combat training - editor's note), in just two days the Armenian Air Force losses amounted to 15% of the total number of these planes, and for carrying out strikes on the positions of the opposing side, this is very little.

The Armenian Defense Ministry has so far refused to comment on the loss of its second combat aircraft, however, as analysts note, given the fact that Azerbaijan has deployed short and medium-range air defense systems near the border, and Turkey is providing assistance to Baku, this can become a very big problem for Yerevan.