In Bryansk, a conscript guarding a military warehouse was shot

In the Bryansk region, they were looking for an attacker on a conscript guarding a military warehouse.

In Bryansk, there was an unexpected turn in the history of the attack on a soldier guarding a military depot. According to Baza journalists, an unknown attacker fired at a conscript and fled the scene of the crime. In response to what happened in the city, key roads were blocked, and security measures were strengthened on the territory of the military unit.

After four hours of searching the city, it was announced that the alleged assailant had not been found. However, a few hours later it became known that the attack was carried out not from outside, but from within the military unit.

According to information from the military and law enforcement agencies, the shooter was a colleague who served with the wounded soldier. He accidentally shot a conscript.

In connection with this incident, many questions have been raised regarding security measures at military installations. Soldiers serve alongside weapons, highlighting the need for increased caution and discipline during missions.

The details of the incident are currently being investigated.


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