A large train with military equipment for Ukraine was seen in the Czech Republic

A huge train with military equipment was sent from the Czech Republic to Ukraine.

On the railway platforms, you can see armored vehicles, special military equipment, armored personnel carriers, tankers, etc. Judging by the video footage, there are at least 40 units of military equipment on the platforms of the railway train, which is one of the largest deliveries of weapons to Ukraine in recent times.

The active shipment of weapons to Ukraine indicates that the information spread by the West about the intention to limit the supply of weapons to Kyiv is unreliable, which may be due to intentions to cause confusion and conduct a disinformation campaign.

Notable is the supply of tankers to Ukraine. This may indicate that the Ukrainian military plans to use such equipment to organize the refueling of military equipment.

At the same time, it remains unknown which country sent military equipment to Ukraine, since no official statements have been made in this regard.


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