The ship is on fire


An unknown ship is burning in the Black Sea

A burning ship was spotted in the western part of the Black Sea.

An unknown ship is on fire in the western part of the Black Sea. Quite strong smoke is reported in the direction of Zmeiny Island, while supposedly the first video frames appeared showing fire and smoke on the deck of the ship, the type of which is currently unknown.

Turkish media outlet Clash Report has released video footage that is said to show the ship on fire. However, due to the rather low quality of the shooting, which, by the way, can be a provocation, it is impossible to reliably determine the type of ship and its belonging.

It should be noted that at the moment there are a large number of free-drifting mines in the waters of the Black Sea, which were allegedly laid by the Ukrainian Navy in order to block the approaches to the southern part of Ukraine from the Black Sea. This does not rule out the possibility that one of the ships could well have been blown up by such a mine, especially since a little earlier, free-drifting sea vessels were seen not far from the coast of Odessa, which, according to Ukraine, were washed out to sea.

It is noteworthy that the first data on the observed fire in the waters of the Black Sea appeared on the evening of May 5, however, at the moment there are still no official statements on this subject.


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