In the Black Sea, despite the suspension of Russia's participation in the grain deal, there is an active movement of ships

In the territorial waters of Ukraine, the movement of ships is observed, despite the suspension of Russia's participation in the grain deal.

After Russia officially notified the UN, Ukraine and Turkey that it was suspending its participation in the grain deal, due to the attack on Sevastopol using unmanned marine and aerial vehicles, it became known that enough busy ship traffic. This is evidenced by the data of the Vessels Finder resource.

At the moment, at the entrance to the humanitarian corridor, with the aim of subsequent advancement to the southern part of the Black Sea, there are seven sea vessels loaded with grain. In addition, another vessel was seen moving towards Odessa from the side of the territorial waters of Romania, and in addition, another special vessel, a dredger, is moving completely uncontrollably in the territorial waters of Ukraine. In addition, the movement of two more ships towards Ukraine was noticed in the neutral waters of the Black Sea.

Earlier it became known that the joint coordination center reported that Kyiv, Ankara and the UN agreed on the movement of 14 ships in the Black Sea on Monday as part of the "Black Sea Initiative". The discussion was held without the participation of Russia, however, the Russian side was notified that the transportation of grain would continue.


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