In Dagestan, cows graze right on a landfill


In Dagestan, cows graze right on a landfill

Residents of settlements in the south of Makhachkala suffer from an unbearable stench emanating from a garbage dump formed near Cherkes-Kutan. The smell is so strong that parents are forced to cover their children to protect them from the stench.

Natural damage from the landfill is estimated at more than 21 billion rubles. However, the consequences don't stop there.

It turned out that the landfill has become a haven not only for local birds that migrate from it to the city and back, but also for dairy cattle. Shocking footage has appeared online showing cows grazing in a landfill, surrounded by clouds of birds.

It is unknown who came up with the idea of ​​bringing cattle to such “pasture”. An eyewitness who witnessed this scene demands an inspection and a ban on the sale of not only milk, but also the livestock itself, since it is impossible to determine what infections could have entered the blood of the animals.

After the publication of a video of cows from a city dump, some craftsman in Dagestan filmed a remake of the famous Hitchcock thriller “The Birds.” The birds staged a bacchanalia in a landfill where cows graze. 

"Milk! Milk! Who wants fresh organic milk?!” - they say in the video

The landfill near Cherkes-Kutan in the south of Makhachkala has been operating for quite a long time, residents of neighboring settlements constantly complain about it - some even put wet gauze on the faces of sleeping children, because they can’t breathe, the constant suffocating stench. Rospotrebnadzor has calculated that the landfill has already caused more than 20 billion rubles in environmental damage.


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