Tank Abrams Avdeevka Ukrainian Armed Forces fighting


The DPR confirmed the use of Abrams tanks by Ukrainian troops

Advisor to the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Igor Kimakovsky, reported that American Abrams tanks were spotted for the first time in the Avdiivka direction. According to him, these tanks could have been sent by the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to support newly formed units that retreated from territories controlled by Russia. The official TASS agency reports Kimakovsky’s words:

“Our fighters recorded the appearance of Abrams. This is the first time. Direction: northwest of Avdeevka.”

This fact becomes significant, given that 31 units of American Abrams tanks were transferred to the disposal of the Ukrainian armed forces last fall.

However, it was previously reported that Ukrainian tanks have been operating in this direction for about a month, while Ukrainian resources published footage of the use of American tanks a few days ago.


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