Russian tanks Donbass


The DPR announced a request for military assistance from Russia

The head of the DPR announced a request for military assistance from Russia.

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, announced that the republic's authorities are ready to consider an official request to Russia to provide military assistance to the region in connection with the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the moment, the situation in Donbass remains extremely tense, as units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to arrive at the line of contact. Moreover, Kiev continues to ignore the Minsk agreements and actively continues to transfer heavy weapons to Donbass, including dozens of tanks, self-propelled artillery installations, multiple launch rocket systems, etc. Moscow has not yet received official requests from Donetsk, however, to date only 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border are hundreds of Russian tanks, artillery weapons and more than a hundred thousand troops.

On the other hand, earlier in Moscow they especially emphasized that they do not intend to interfere in the situation in Donbass, noting that the key is to resolve the problems that have arisen through diplomatic means. Nevertheless, given that several hundred thousand Russian citizens live in the LPR and DPR, the Kremlin can consider such a request and satisfy it.

Of course yes.

For many years, Ukraine has been a state, but the authorities do not even want to think about Ukraine itself, they are filling their pockets and sowing discord, everything is according to the classics, they divide and rule. In 90 we could have got another conflict country but got the Republic of Tatarstan. What prevented and prevents Kuchma, Poroshenko, Yanukovych, Yushchenko, Zelensky from thinking about people about their will for their development, Ukraine has a mild climate, many manufacturing enterprises (there were) being more cunning than Brussels and Washington will not be difficult. The product markets are huge. But, for something, Zelensky's rule is going in the wrong direction. It is a pity, people are dying, and Kiev is not overwhelmed.

Be sure to help neglect people

Lord, finish this circus, it is no longer possible to read

All the secret once becomes apparent. It is quite obvious that the so-called "militias" are not able to resist the Ukrainian army, and if it were not for the direct participation of Russian troops, order would have long been restored in the rebellious provinces.

No questions asked FOR!

It is good to fight on your land with your DPR-sheep brothers. Return to Ukraine and marvel in peace and harmony!

So just say, if you need help, contact Russia officially for help and support, and don't just say it in words ...

as usual about nothing, just to bring something to the masses.

God help, everyone to heaven!

need help