Malaysia pilot search


In the homes of Malaysian airliner pilots searched

16 March. On the fact of the disappearance of the Malaysian passenger aircraft Boeing-777-200, The main version was the hijacking of the aircraft. In connection with such versions, the homes of both pilots was carried out a thorough search to confirm this version.

The airliner hijacking versions are more current at the moment, as no signs of aircraft crashes were found, especially since, according to some, not yet confirmed or refuted facts, the aircraft was seen by military radar during 45 minutes after the signal from the airport radar disappeared . However, it is also necessary to work out two versions, because an ordinary terrorist cannot control an airfield without the skills to do so, especially since the Boeing-777-200 is presented as a large long-range aircraft. On the other hand, pilots could become a hijacker, because for this they have all the skills, but again, it should be taken into account that most likely the hijacking, if it took place, then only with a forceful seizure, because 227 passengers could easily prevent these actions.


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