In the house of the pilot Boeing 777 were found maps of the military base

18 March. In the case of searching for a missing Malaysian airliner Boeing 777-200 New details appeared.

The country's leadership released official information that as a result of the searches carried out in the house of one of the pilots of the aircraft, aircrews loaded on a self-made trainer were found, describing in detail one of the airfields belonging to the United States in the Indian Ocean. Five runways are on the military airbase Diego Garcia, located one and a half thousand kilometers from the Indian subcontinent, and theoretically the fuel on board the airliner had to be enough to get to this point.

At the moment, all possible versions of this are being thoroughly studied, and 239 countries, including Russia, are already participating in the events themselves to search for the missing aircraft with 12 people on board, including 26 crew members.

Recall that previously there was some information that the military radar detected from a moving object towards the Indian Ocean, but after 45 minutes it was lost completely, although there was passive information with satellites, but to establish the location with the help of these data, unfortunately, was It is impossible.