Up to 200 American mercenaries and military arrived in Donbass

The number of American military personnel who arrived in Donbass can reach 200 people.

The number of American mercenaries from among the former soldiers of the American special forces stationed in Donbass can reach two hundred people. Initially, it was assumed that we were talking about only a few dozen people, but there is already evidence that the transfer of American mercenaries to the region is massive.

At the moment, it is known that the deployment of the American military in the Donbass (especially since we are talking about retired military personnel) is not at all connected with the training of Ukrainian military personnel, since the mercenaries were seen in the immediate vicinity of the contact line. This indicates that the former US military are direct participants in the hostilities.

Kiev does not officially comment on information about the deployment of American mercenaries in the Donbass, however, the self-proclaimed republics may well request assistance from Russian PMCs. This will be a completely adequate measure in relation to Kiev, especially since Russian PMCs have extensive experience in countering foreign mercenaries and militants.

What are you doing. It won’t hurt to solve the whole problem at once if the SPM decides to go on the offensive. Also with their owners

The Supreme Commander is sure that there will be no need to fight with Ukraine. But this does not mean at all that you will not have to fight in Ukraine. Americans, British and other thrill-seekers will not just leave the demarcation line. It is a fact.

But there is one nuance.
Kiev, a country with internationally accepted territories...
And dy-ny-ry "education" is not recognized by anyone.

Nothing can physically arrive in Donbass