The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already transferred 450 tanks and 230 MLRS to Donbass

Despite the lull, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to bring military equipment to Donbass.

The information and news resource obtained information that the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to pull armored vehicles and various weapons into the Donbass, which indicates that the military operation against the DPR and LPR is still in preparation. According to the latest data, over the past few days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have additionally transferred to Donbass about 8 anti-aircraft missile systems, about 26 tanks and other weapons intended for a large-scale military operation in the region.

According to the data presented, armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other weapons were transferred to Donbass by train, and, according to updated data, today the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass are represented by 90 thousand servicemen, 450 tanks and about 230 means of rocket and barrel artillery, which is much more the amount of weapons that were deployed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass and the demarcation zone of this region earlier.

Earlier, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that the preparation of a military operation in Donbass had been completed, while only a presidential decree was expected.

I wonder if the editor of the newspaper believed that tanks

Use Google, and T-62 tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will become tanks from Buryatia.

Where will we bury them all? I remember one tanker on the wires lep hung for several weeks

The higher the density of iron, the easier it is to destroy it from a long distance.

there will be a lot of scrap metal and raw materials for processing ...

They think that the fighting will be like near Rzhev in 1942.

Tanks in the photo even without reactive armor ... Are they in themselves ??

There are so many good targets for training ...