Ukrainian Armed Forces Donbass


In Donbass, Ukrainian troops stopped the offensive, hitting the "cauldron" of the DPR and LPR

Large forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fell into the "cauldron" and were forced to cancel the offensive.

Sources in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the planned large-scale military operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass was suspended indefinitely due to the fact that part of the Ukrainian units deployed in the demarcation zone was squeezed by units of the DPR and LPR. In the event of the start of official hostilities in the region, the losses of the Ukrainian army in the first hours would be very large, and the key problem, according to Ukrainian sources, is the likely intervention of the Russian military

“The truce ended in fact, and quite a long time ago, at the end of January. Who started first, no one will say. Arrivals from that side every night. From our side, the same actions. Our scouts entered the old positions that we left back in 20-year as part of the withdrawal of troops. Accordingly, the separatists also moved closer and took up their old positions. That is, there is, in fact, no disengagement - there are no two or three kilometers between us and the separatists, as before. The situation is the same as in 2018 - between positions from 400 to 700 meters. In this case (with the intervention of Russia - ed.), The offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be stopped. With a high degree of probability, the troops will have to be withdrawn so that the boilers do not repeat themselves. ", - emphasizes a source in the defense department of Ukraine.

Remarkable is the fact that according to sources from, the DPR and LPR forces deployed their anti-tank missile systems a few kilometers from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which could well have met the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a powerful blow.

To date, the situation in Donbass remains very difficult - shelling of neighboring sides is carried out every day, and although no casualties were reported, it is known that they exist both from the self-proclaimed republics and from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

There is now no stronger strategist than the Commander-in-Chief of Russia. Despite the fact that there are no Russian troops in Donbass, the strategic plans are, of course, coordinated. I think all the options have already been calculated. in place of the APU, I would not risk active hostilities. We need to negotiate peace.

So why are you sitting in ambush and not on the front line where you can easily destroy all Donbass complexes with dots and hyacinths?

All these complexes are easily destroyed by "Tochki" and Hyacinths of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The assurances of teachers and military correspondents on behalf of the Ministry of Defense and the President about a Russian massive missile strike are interesting. These top officials are silent.

Sometimes it seems to me that you are delusional.