A half-kilometer column of American armored vehicles spotted in Donbass

A column of American armored vehicles, about half a kilometer long, entered the Donbass.

This afternoon, a huge column of American military armored vehicles, consisting of International MaxxPro armored vehicles, entered the Donbass, with a total length of about half a kilometer. This happened just three days after the American-made armored vehicles delivered through Poland and Romania arrived on the territory of Ukraine.

On the presented video footage, you can see how the column of armored vehicles, consisting of at least 18 International MaxxPro armored vehicles and another unknown escort vehicle, entered the Donbass. Video footage, according to sources, was made in the area of ​​​​the village of Slavyanka. The total length of the column of military equipment is about half a kilometer, while in total, about 60 American vehicles were sent to Ukraine earlier in the form of four columns.

It is noteworthy that the equipment has already been prepared for participation in hostilities, as evidenced by machine guns mounted on the turrets of International MaxxPro armored vehicles.

To date, there are no details from the Armed Forces of Ukraine on this subject, however, experts believe that in this way the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to strengthen their positions in the region.


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