Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter shot down in Donetsk region

A Ukrainian Air Force helicopter was shot down this afternoon in the Donetsk region.

A Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter was shot down in the Donetsk region near the village of Selidovo. The rotorcraft was used to deliver missile strikes with unguided munitions, but was successfully detected and hit.

It is known that as a result of a missile hitting a helicopter, the rotorcraft received critical damage and, losing control, began to fall towards the ground. The crew members on board were killed.

The blows, according to preliminary data, were delivered on the settlement. Sands, which is currently under the control of the Russian military, however, the helicopter climbed high enough to be detected by air defense systems, as a result of which the combat vehicle was successfully hit by a missile.

More precisely, the number of people on board is still unknown.


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