Airline Somon Air


Somon Air plane caught fire in Dushanbe

The plane "Somon Air" lights up when departing from Dushanbe.

As noted by the passengers aboard the passenger liner "Somon Air", which was supposed to perform flight from Dushanbe to Khujand, the aircraft has accelerated to the required speed and had to make a break, however, the plane suddenly there was a smell of burning, and he quickly became filled smoke. The commander of the crew had to apply the emergency brake, but on board has already begun a strong panic, which, later, still managed to suppress.

As a result of the incident none of the people did not suffer, however, because of the strong waves, two passengers still required medical attention.

The causes and circumstances of the incident remain unknown yet.

Here's to you and “Go to your Russia!” Now, you see, and aviation ends. While the new plane is flying, it’s not enough to look after it.



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