In Ethiopia in the first battle captured Ukrainian "supertank"

The Ukrainian "supertank" was captured in the very first battle in Ethiopia.

The aggravated conflict in Ethiopia forced the armed forces of this African country to start using their armored vehicles, in connection with which the T-72B1 tanks purchased earlier from Ukraine, which were previously called "supertanks" in the local media for their high capabilities after the modernization, were sent to battle however, during the first offensive, one of the tanks was captured by the rebels.

“According to regional media reports, the opposing sides are using a variety of heavy weapons, including rocket launchers, large-caliber howitzers, tanks and armored vehicles. In addition to manpower, the reporting of damage on the battlefield also includes tanks, and if initially there is information about the destruction of some old T-55 and T-62, now the press has learned that government forces have lost their first T-72B1. Judging by the images posted in the media, the specified combat vehicle received minor damage or was left behind due to technical malfunctions, in the near future it can be fully restored for reuse. ", - about it сообщает information publication "DatViet".

According to some reports, the tank was captured after its crew left the armored vehicle as a result of shelling, although the tank itself received minor damage and could well continue the battle, which indicates that the Ethiopian Armed Forces were simply not ready for hostilities.