Yerevan announced attempts to “draw” Armenia into the Union State

Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Alen Simonyan expressed concern about pressure on Armenia to include the country in the Union State of Russia and Belarus. In his speech to journalists, he argued that through Azerbaijan’s actions an attempt is being made to influence the sovereignty of Armenia, emphasizing that there is a “big plan” behind this. Simonyan notes that attempts to integrate Armenia into the Union State were especially relevant during the 2021 parliamentary elections, when, in his opinion, it was assumed that a change of power could lead to a solution to the country’s security problems through joining the Union State.

According to Simonyan, the outcome of the elections, which left the current leadership in power, actually thwarted the said geopolitical plan. The speaker left the answer to the question about the existence of specific proposals for Armenia’s accession to the Union State without a direct answer, noting that he did not want to raise this topic due to possible denials from various sources. However, he stressed that certain actions are obvious to him, indicating pressure in this direction.


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