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The EU proposed to ban Russian citizens from entering Europe forever

Representatives of the European Union want to forever ban Russian citizens from visiting Europe.

Against the background of another cooling of relations between the EU and Russia, EU representatives propose to forever ban Russian citizens from entering Europe by any of the existing methods, including by air. The former President of Estonia came up with a similar initiative, noting that this would increase the internal and external security of both the EU and NATO member states. The only exceptions, reportedly, will be emergencies.

“Maybe there should be a 'time-out' for any, I mean * any * visits from Russia. Until the invasion of Crimea, these people arrogantly demanded a visa-free regime with the EU. Just freeze your visas, except in emergency family circumstances. Europe's security is at stake. Enough, ”said former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Experts note that Europe may well take such measures, however, the losses from such actions for most of the EU country will be simply colossal, since the Russian side will respond not only symmetrically, but probably with even greater force, although official comments from the Russian There is no Foreign Ministry yet.

It's funny. This was not proposed in the EU. Much closer. And now "at the numerous requests of the grandchildren of KosmonaVka" all this little business will be done.

We can live without Europe. Crowds of migrants have already visited and are visiting Europe. So let them go about their business while Europe still belongs to them, not migrants.

Well, right. We have experience of entering Europe without an invitation

And I don't care, I've never been there. Let this Europe at least disappear to me without a difference.

It must be banned so that no one goes to our unfriendly countries As it was in the USSR We have a big Russia, there is where to go and relax

Honestly, my arms and legs are all for. What bright thoughts are there in Europe. It is high time.

in this case, let's rush to change citizenship!

As they consider the lost profit from tourists, they will immediately cry and ... and quickly begin to grow kinder.

Just close it and forget the road to us

You probably wanted to say - the smaller the object, the more the carrier squeals about the longer dignity))))

not only possible but also necessary))))

You can and always will be greeted with bread and salt

the smaller the dog, the higher the nose

It is not possible and it is necessary

I noticed the smaller the dog, the more it yaps!

In 1913, there were only 1200 stone buildings in Estonia and 70% of them were in Tallinn, 80% of the population were engaged in ineffective subsistence farming and fishing on fragile wooden boats.
The RSFSR, the USSR invested a lot of folk remedies to make it a "Soviet fairy tale".
What did the former president of this proud little country want to scare us with, which after the departure of Russia began to "recover" and return to its initial level of economy?
Let's just say - "forward to nature, friends, Estonians!" ))))

Yes! If this happens, then the curtain will fall again, and probably firmly. But nothing. Russia has Crimea, Soviet people have always rested there during the Soviet curtain. Russians are no strangers.

Is it possible on tanks without a visa?))))))

Is there anything less than Estonia in the EU? After all, the less, the louder ...



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