NATO and Russia


In Estonia, said that the war between NATO and Russia will start because of Belarus

Estonia warns of the threat of war between Russia and NATO because of Belarus

In the new annual report of the foreign intelligence service of Estonia “International Security and Estonia” Russia is named as the only serious threat to the regional security of the Baltic countries. The Estonian intelligence officers, after analyzing the Russian military exercises, came to the conclusion that Moscow was preparing for a military conflict with NATO.

As emphasized by Estonian military intelligence, during the 2018 year of the Russian Federation "Continued to increase its military power". Moreover, this build-up occurred at the western Russian border. As for the exercises held in the Russian armed forces, the military "Consistently practiced for a significant military conflict with NATO".

From the findings of the Estonian intelligence officers it follows that for the last two decades the scenario of the Russian military exercises is military operations against NATO. These scenarios, the report specifies, did not change even at the time when events occurred in Georgia, when the situation in Ukraine worsened and active operations were conducted in Syria. Neither the sanctions nor the deployment of additional NATO forces in Poland and the Baltic States affected them.

When analyzing the latest military exercises of Russia, the Estonian intelligence officers are sure that their goal is to prepare for a conflict with NATO over Belarus, and this conflict could be provoked by a “color revolution”, which may well occur in Belarus.

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Iskander, you are minimizing Estoion's military might!
There are as many as several thousand people and all are mighty like ancient ukry !!! ))

ESTONIAN military CONTRACTOR, die, troops 1,5 man - of which 0,25 - reconnaissance. Blah, managed it Russia. All gone, can immediately surrender?

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