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In Europe and the United States prohibit taking a plane Phones Samsung Galaxy S7

American and European carriers prohibit passengers to take on board the aircraft Phones Samsung Galaxy S7.

Prior to output information about this originally came from across the Atlantic, where the number of carriers banned its customers to take on board the aircraft smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 due to several well-known cases however, the battery explosion, on the eve of the day, there is evidence that such measures are introduced and Scandinavian airline «SAS», who also believes that in the first place should take care of the safety of flights, and not on the use of mobile gadgets.

Experts do not exclude that if the situation in the United States this will be more or less smooth, then the airline «SAS» because of this innovation can be a serious problem, in particular, the number of airline customers did not exclude recourse to the courts.

I do not understand this kind of notes 7 and not geliksi what are we talking about

I have to fly to France and back. Who can say how do you know? E Can I take Samsung Galaxy S7 on board Aeroflot company ,, ,,?



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