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In Europe, proposed to exclude Turkey from NATO

Turkey can be excluded from NATO.

Against the background of the purchase of the Russian Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as the development of gas deposits by Turkey in the exclusively economic zone of Cyprus, Turkey may be expelled from the North Atlantic Alliance. The first proposal of this kind has already been received, moreover, from Europe.

“While Europe is faced with a difficult choice, according to which Turkey should not be left as an ally of NATO, claims have appeared that Ankara’s actions are provocative. Erdogan takes advantage of the fact that Turkey is an important geopolitical center, which allows it to act with impunity, which led to the purchase of a Russian air defense system, which is supposed to be located near the borders of NATO ", - informs Israeli edition "NZIV".

On the other hand, until now, the possibility of excluding Turkey from NATO was expressed only by the American side, which indicates that fact. that the issue is being actively discussed by all NATO member countries. However, due to the exclusion of Turkey from NATO, the North Atlantic Alliance will lose almost 400 thousand armies, and this is not to mention the fact that now NATO aircraft will have to go to the Middle East, bending around Turkey.