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Photo: chat TG ChP.Feodosia


At least five loud bangs reported in Feodosia

In Feodosia, local residents reported a series of loud explosions that occurred in the airspace. According to the telegram channel "Emergency. Feodosia (Crimea)", it is assumed that the cause was the actions of the air defense system (air defense). There were no official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense and local administrative authorities at the time of the dissemination of messages.

Eyewitnesses described the situation, indicating that at least five strong bangs were heard, after which smoke trails characteristic of the operation of air defense systems were seen in the sky.

“A powerful bang in the sky over Feodosia, then a second one, alarms screaming on Krymskaya. We are waiting for official information", - reports the telegram channel, noting that three more claps sounded after some time.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly made attempts to attack the territory of Crimea in various ways, including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and missile strikes. Thanks to the effective work of Russian air defense forces and electronic warfare (EW) systems, most of these attacks do not achieve their goals, ensuring the protection of the inhabitants and infrastructure of the peninsula.


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