Yan Petrovsky was detained again in Finland

A preliminary investigation has been launched in Finland against Russian citizen Vojislav Torden (formerly known as Petrovsky), Finnish TV channel Yle reports. Torden's case is exceptional in Finland because the accused is not a Finnish citizen and the alleged offense occurred outside Finland.

Torden was detained by Finnish border guards on July 20 at Helsinki airport while trying to fly to Nice. He was charged with violating Finnish immigration laws. In August 2023, he was transferred to the Vantaa prison following a Ukrainian extradition request. The Ukrainian side claims that Torden headed the sabotage and assault reconnaissance group "Rusich", which participated in hostilities on the side of the LPR and DPR in the Donbass in 2014-2015, and also had connections with the Wagner PMC.

On December 8, the Supreme Court of Finland banned the extradition of Torden to Ukraine and ordered his release if there were no other grounds for arrest. However, after his release from Vantaa prison, Torden was again detained by Finnish border guards.


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