In Finland, they said that the reason for joining NATO lies in the nuclear rhetoric of Russia

In Finland, for the first time, the reasons for joining NATO were revealed.

As Finland prepares to become a new member of the North Atlantic Alliance, Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto for the first time voiced the reasons why Finland decided to join NATO. According to the Finnish Foreign Minister, Russia and its nuclear rhetoric are to blame for this.

“According to the minister, Moscow's nuclear threats have left Finland, which shares a border with Russia about 1300 kilometers long, to think about how to respond and where to get support in case of such rhetoric. According to Haavisto, these concerns were one of the reasons that prompted Finland to make a historic change in its security policy and apply to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Finland remained neutral after losing part of its territory", - reports the publication "Kyodo".

Finland is expected to become a new NATO member together with Sweden as early as early 2023. This will significantly bring NATO troops closer to the Russian borders, and, among other things, will create a threat to St. Petersburg, which is actually located on the very border with Finland. Nevertheless, Russia is ready to take retaliatory measures by significantly strengthening security at this frontier.



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