Catastrophe in the Donbass


The names of those responsible for the MH17 disaster in the Donbas will be announced for the first time in The Hague

The names of those responsible for the MH17 tragedy will be 19 June 2019 of the year.

According to information provided by the Dutch television station NOS, 19 June 2019, the international investigation team will name the names of those responsible for the tragedy of the flight MH17, which was destroyed over the Donbas in 2014 year.

Despite the statement by the Dutch television channel, no official comment was made by representatives of the prosecutor's office of the Netherlands on this subject, which, however, may be caused by the interests of the investigation.

Specialists, in turn, are skeptical about this.

“Five years have passed since the Boeing 777 crash, but there is no convincing evidence that the plane was hit by a Buk missile system, let alone that the investigation refuses to consider the versions presented by the Russian side at all”, - experts say.

Earlier, the representatives of Malaysia made an unambiguous statement in which it was emphasized that the international investigators did not only lack competence in investigating the plane crash, but also unfairly put pressure on Russia, although it was Ukraine that was responsible for the catastrophe, as it occurred on the territory of this state.

Boeing was hit by a rocket launcher, no one (except 2 - 3 assholes) is in doubt, neither Russia nor Ukraine. Two suspects-Russia and Ukraine, neither the United States nor Israel did not shoot down a Boeing. We reason logically.
Russia. Military aircraft of Ukraine caused substantial damage to both military and civilians of the DPR. Due to the fact that the DPR did not have an air defense system capable of shooting down planes at an altitude of 10 000 meters, the planes felt safe. It was enough to shoot down at least one such aircraft, the flights of the Ukrainian Armed Forces would have stopped. Therefore, Russia had reason to overtake in the DPR the installation of BEECH (in the context of the policy of supporting the separatists). By tragic accident, a civilian aircraft was shot down.
Ukraine. Russian aircraft over the territory of the DPR and Ukraine did not fly and peaceful Ukrainian villages were not bombed. In the DNI aviation is not. Thus, if we assume that Boeing was shot down by Ukraine, then it must be admitted that a civilian plane of a foreign state was shot down intentionally. What for? Substitute Russia? So what? Additional sanctions - that's all. But Russia, at the very least, copes with the sanctions, it is impossible to prove (if Russia is not to blame), Russia will be heated (you will not have enough). But the risk of exposure is close to 100%. Satellites, radar stations, witnesses and their own "traitors" - Poroshenko's opponents are enough at the highest level. Then Ukraine cranes: the deliberate destruction of civilian aircraft - what are the sanctions, the full boycott in all directions. Stamp for decades. On this almost hopeless scam, no one crazy will not go. We do not consider the moral and ethical aspects, that there, that here these guys do not suffer from complexes. It is necessary, it means it is necessary, and children are not children there ...
The reaction of the presidents is interesting. Poroshenko immediately stated that Boeing shot down Russia. Why was he on 100% sure that he would not be exposed, that they would not prove that Ukraine was to blame? Because I knew that Ukraine did not do this. President Putin has never once said: “I, the President of Russia, declare that Russia did not shoot down a Boeing, Ukraine did it”. Something like this: "There is no evidence, we are not allowed to investigate, the conclusions of the commission are biased and politicized .." and all that.
Leaves the rear.
Boeing hit Russia and nothing can be done about it. And it was better to admit the tragic mistake, blame the arbitrariness of the generals, the independent actions of the military, who, with the best of intentions, wanted the best ... And not to invent a dozen idiotic versions and, like criminals, not to admit the obvious, despite all the evidence. And there is enough evidence, recognition is not required.