Gagauzia counts on Russian support

Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko held negotiations with representatives of Gagauzia, an autonomous region within Moldova, including the head of Gagauzia Evgenia Gutsul and the head of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia Dmitry Konstantinov. During the meeting, the topics of development of trade and economic relations between Russian regions and Gagauzia were discussed. Matvienko emphasized the Federation Council’s intention to strengthen and expand interaction with Gagauzia, saying that no one has the right to prohibit such cooperation.

Evgenia Gutsul expressed Gagauzia’s desire to develop friendly relations with Russia and counts on support from the Russian Federation. Matvienko also spoke about the current course of the Moldovan authorities, hoping for the prevalence of common sense and concern for the national interests of the country, criticizing the Russophobic and anti-Russian policies of the Moldovan authorities as inconsistent with the national interests of Moldova.

Gutsul, elected to the post of head of Gagauzia in May 2023 from the opposition Shor party, immediately after the elections announced her desire to strengthen ties with the Russian Federation, emphasizing the long-term friendly relations and cooperation between Gagauzia and Russia.


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