Tactical missile


NATO meeting on transfer of tactical missiles to Ukraine begins in Germany

A meeting of NATO countries is taking place at the German Ramstein airbase.

Representatives of NATO member countries gathered at the German Ramstein air base to discuss the issue of supplying tactical missiles to Ukraine. At the moment, it is known that we are talking about the supply of Himars M270 and M-142 multiple launch rocket systems capable of delivering strikes with tactical missile weapons at distances up to 500 kilometers.

Earlier, the United States announced that they planned to supply these tactical weapons to Ukraine, however, for a number of reasons, it was decided to temporarily freeze supplies in order to discuss this issue with other countries that are part of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Among other things, there is information that during the meeting the issue of providing Ukraine with air defense systems, including the NATO standard, as well as anti-ship missile weapons as part of the sponsorship of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the Western military bloc, is being discussed.

Earlier it became known that the United States does not want to transfer tactical missile weapons to Ukraine, fearing that this could lead to an extremely serious escalation with Russia. However, against the background of the fact that such weapons appeared in neighboring Belarus (in particular, earlier Alexander Lukashenko announced the purchase of Russian Iskander complexes), NATO will still try to transfer tactical missile weapons to Ukraine.