In Germany, called the most effective weapons available to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

NATO named the most effective weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing Russian military special operation in Ukraine, the European media, referring to the opinions of the military from NATO, named the most effective means in service with the Ukrainian army. Oddly enough, but the leading position is occupied by Turkish strike unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2.

According to German media, Turkish attack drones have distinguished themselves by far the most.

“The Turkish combat drone Bayraktar TB2 is considered the most effective weapon in Ukraine. Turkey is constantly making claims about the supply of these drones to Ukraine. Militarily, the drone still serves its purpose despite recent limitations on its capabilities. Apparently, these unmanned aerial vehicles are one of the most effective types of weapons in the Ukrainian army.”, - reports the German edition of "Welt".

It is noteworthy that there were no specific facts about the effectiveness of the use of these drones, which does not exclude the possibility that the Turkish drone can only be a symbol of propaganda.

“It is not entirely clear what kind of efficiency we are talking about if more than 2,5 Bayraktar TB70 drones were destroyed in 2 months. This is, on average, one destroyed drone per day. No evidence of the effective use of these drones has been presented., - the analyst notes.

On the other hand, experts draw attention to the fact that Ukrainian drones can be positioned as an effective tool in terms of reconnaissance, as they are able to detect targets at distances of more than 50 kilometers, and this is probably what the Bayraktar TB2 UAV is trying to pass off as promising. , since no other facts of the successful use of drones have been identified.