Rocket Taurus


In Germany, boasted a cruise missile capable of destroying the C-400

Germany successfully tested a new cruise missile against long-range air defense systems.

The Taurus cruise missile was tested by the German military a few days ago. Due to successful tests, the press has already called this rocket the killers of the Russian Triumphs, stressing that at a range of 500 kilometers, it exceeds the effective range of Russian S-400 air defense systems by almost 100 kilometers.

According to German journalists, with a range of ground targets in 500 kilometers, the Taurus missile is effective in use against absolutely any existing air defense and missile defense system, including the Russian C-400.

The experts, in turn, have already managed to identify a number of shortcomings in the German missile, which most likely indicate the fact that at a cost of 1 million euros, the missile has no prospects against a well-built air defense / missile defense system.

“In Germany, the Russian C-400 is considered as only one launcher, however, in reality, it is a system, though having several echelons. Shooting down German missiles at a distance of 300-400 kilometers makes no sense, but the S-350 Vityaz air defense missile systems, the Tor air defense missile systems and the Pantsir air defense missile system will do just fine. Moreover, in Germany, obviously, they forgot to clarify that the missile is subsonic, that it would not be difficult to bring it down even with outdated air defense systems. ", - the expert notes.

Long-range TAURUS KEPD 350 cruise missile (Target Adaptive Unitary & Dispenser Robotic Ubiquity System / Kinetic Energy Penetrating Destroyer) is designed for high-precision destruction of protected targets without a carrier aircraft entering the target air defense zone of the enemy
Airspeed, M 0.6-0.95
QUO, m 3
Dimensions, mm:
- length
- body width
- body height
- wing span
Starting weight, kg 1360
Warhead weight, kg 481

Subsonic, made by stealth. But we already know that stealth has long been visible on the screens of Russian locators.

Well yes! U-2 called!

let upgrade slingshot

da net u nas w germanii takih raket est samaloti da i te ne letajut woennie na uchenijah s derewjannimi awtomatomi begajut wot takaja u germanii armija bundeswer

in Germany they came up with a rocket ... in itself, this is ridiculous .... no further need to mix

What ignoramus wrote this? What kind of defeat of ground targets of C-400 are we talking about? The author wake up.

Well, if, as stated in the video, it is pointed by GPS, then it will certainly hit ... all surface targets in the Sahara ...