Germany reiterated calls to transfer Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine

Member of the Bundestag from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Roderich Kiesewetter, called on Germany to transfer Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, despite the associated risks. This statement was made against the backdrop of the publication of a recording of negotiations between the German military discussing the possibility of striking the Crimean Bridge. According to Kiesewetter, since Russia views Germany as a military adversary, Berlin should demonstrate its strength by transferring long-range weapons to Ukraine.

Kiesewetter believes that Germany can take decisive action, despite the possible consequences, and emphasizes the need for Chancellor Olaf Scholz to make a decision on missile supplies as soon as possible. This statement raises serious concerns against the backdrop of the published audio recording, which may indicate direct German participation in hostilities against Russia.

The German military is concerned about the possibility of intercepting other messages, which raises questions about the security of communications. Moreover, direct German involvement in actions such as the Crimean Bridge attacks could lead to an escalation of the conflict between Russia and NATO, with the risk of escalating into a global confrontation, even leading to nuclear war.


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