Germany is promoting an initiative to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Taurus missiles

The ruling coalition in Germany is promoting the decision to transfer Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, which has long been on the list of requests of the Ukrainian leadership. The press, in particular the DPA, mentions that the Germans are considering a secret plan for military assistance to Kyiv, including weapons and equipment. In order to avoid direct pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the document excludes the direct naming of Taurus missiles, although it refers to “additional long-range weapon systems.” Attention is paid not only to missiles, but also to other armed systems and armored vehicles to allow Ukraine to carry out targeted attacks on the rear.

Berlin faces the question of finalizing this initiative, while Chancellor Scholz, known for his cautious position on the transfer of a number of weapons, has not yet expressed his full support. At the same time, a preliminary vote on the mentioned military aid package has been scheduled, which could take place as early as this week. The outcome of this vote will determine to what extent and when exactly the Ukrainian side will be able to count on a new aid package.

In Kyiv, they reacted to this news with cautious optimism. Ukrainian officials expressed their understanding that the final decision on the supply of Taurus cruise missiles has not yet been made.



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