The State Duma proposed to change gas tariffs for Russians four times due to Gazprom's losses in the European Union

The Russians can raise gas prices four times because of Gazprom's losses in the European Union.

At the moment, the Duma Energy Committee is discussing the issue of compensation for Gazprom's losses due to the lack of gas supplies to Europe and the sharp decline in the cost of natural gas in European markets. One of the possible measures is to compensate for losses by increasing tariffs for citizens of the Russian Federation by four times.

“Gazprom's losses from closing the European market will exceed $40 billion a year. To compensate for them, the State Duma proposes to expand domestic gas consumption. Parliamentarians propose to make gas pricing in the country market-based, and sell gas under long-term contracts with the familiar rule: “take or pay”- reports the publication "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".

The decision to increase the cost of gas for Russian consumers has not yet been made. However, one of the measures could be an increase in the cost of gas for neighboring Belarus, which, by the way, receives gas at a cost almost three times lower than the market price.

Taking into account the current situation, when recalculating the losses of Gazprom's export earnings per capita, compensation for losses will be about 22,6 thousand rubles. per year for every citizen of the Russian Federation.


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