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The State Duma announced the impossibility of recognizing the DNR and LNR

The State Duma opposed the recognition of the DPR and LPR.

Konstantin Zatulin, who is the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations, said that recognition of the sovereignty of the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics is hardly possible at the present time and in the near future. According to Zatulin, such actions do not meet the interests of Russia and can lead to very serious damage to the interests of the country.

“I am not sure that at present this step can be taken without prejudice to the interests of the Russian Federation - strategic and long-term. This (recognition of the DPR and LPR) runs counter to our signature under the Minsk agreements, and this is precisely what is an obstacle to the recognition of the formal DPR and LPR. Purely human: sympathy, support measures and everything else we carry out and must carry out, but official recognition at the state level means a withdrawal from the Minsk agreements and this is the reason why there has been no such recognition so far.- said Zatulin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

A day earlier, it became known that representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation suggested that the chamber officially appeal to President Vladimir Putin and ask him to recognize the LPR and DPR, however, the Kremlin replied that they knew nothing about such an appeal.

When exactly the issue of recognizing the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass will be considered is unknown.

These same people say that Ukraine does not comply with the Minsk agreements, and the DPR and LPR, therefore, must implement them unilaterally? Liars and hypocrites who allow the Ukrainian military to kill civilians in Donbass with impunity for their desire to remain Russian by blood and spirit and not succumb to Ukrainian nationalists. Gather your courage there, convene another meeting in the Normandy format and state that Ukraine is actually unilaterally withdrawing from the Minsk agreements, and then recognize the DPR and LPR, if the Minsk agreements bother you so much.

Russians would rule Russia and not this motley gang of Russians would be afraid everywhere

Putin will surrender Donbass if an order comes from Washington

Donbass will be sold along with Russian passports.

So the genocide of the Slavic people has been going on for a long time. Get out into the city and...

If we admit it, then the existing LDNR is not in a truncated form. Who and why stopped the liberators of Donbass from its complete liberation. If we admit it, then it is within the boundaries of two regions. That will be fairer.

Leonid Ch. Did you read what you wrote yourself?

Yes, they were afraid of new sanctions. So they will still be, not by washing, so by rolling.
And what obligations do we have in the Minsk agreements? What are we required to do?

The Minsk agreements were signed on both sides of Kiev and the DPR, LPR. The guarantor of their implementation is Germany, France, Russia. forever, which they do.

Do you want wars, couch strategists? Will you go to defend your country, or will you only give advice on social networks again, how to fight properly?

But nothing that the term of the Minsk agreements has long expired? How can you refer to them? What is this, an excuse? This is what is called betrayal!

If we leave our own, the Russian nation will end.

The proposal of the communists is nothing more than a trolling of Kiev agreed with the Kremlin. Failure to comply with the Minsk agreements in the coming month will be the main lever of pressure on Ukraine. And now there is no point in losing this trump card. And the recognition of the LDNR will actually put an end to Minsk 2. And, of course, Russia will be guilty.

Recognize and stop mocking people.

and if Ukraine strikes the Donbas suddenly, how many people / Russian citizens / will die and what will we do then

The only way ! And enough talk!!!

Forgive our relatives for the fact that Russia allows you to kill! Bitterly, ashamed of the actions of our leadership! Referendum!!!
In the meantime, I kneel before the courage of the defenders of Donbass, the incredible patience of the civilians of Donetsk and Lugansk! For their great faith in the Russian brotherhood, for not sending us to hell yet! Sorry!

Gentlemen, and we will raise the issue daily in the UN Security Council. in Europe and other platforms that Ukraine does not comply with these same Minsk agreements. Where are our sanctions on them? Not the funny ones that we imposed, but really serious ones? Conclusion - we benefit from this conflict. And someone is making money on this, continuing to invest money in Ukraine ...

I agree with you. They stole in Russia, transferred money to the West and now they are shaking. And the interests of Russia do not care. The West has declared war on us. Russia is already beginning to be ordered where our armed forces should be located on the territory of the country. It's just unthinkable. And the oligarchs and "liberalists": - let's get on our knees and raise our hands, let's become like the Europeans ... This "strong" European French army surrendered its country to the Nazis in a month, and the Nazis passed Denmark, Holland in a few hours. And in the USSR, our garrison of the Brest Fortress resisted the Nazis for about a month. And other border garrisons offered strong resistance to enemy forces. No, our country will not be like the Europeans.

If we recognize they will introduce a new package of sanctions? We already receive gifts from the US, the EU regularly, and what's the difference? Or are the deputies, the government so worried about their well-being?! You only show our weakness in this way.

But Russia is not a party to these agreements and has not committed to anything, it is like a witness.

Non-recognition of the republics will be a weighty argument that in Russia the interests of the oligarchs are higher than the interests of the state itself. There is no other!

can only fines new ones to drive.

But what about the other factions of the state. Dumas reacted to this statement. They also welcomed the decision to extradite Russian citizens to residents of these residents.

ask the people of Russia whether they want it or not??? hold a referendum!

Why then the army is driven back and forth one big bluff

The guts of the current leaders. That's all.

no, the army of the Russian Federation will not allow this

These Duma members always think as the Kremlin thinks. Duma members do not think differently ...

Yeah ... "fighter". And how he crucified!

These Duma members always think as the Kremlin thinks. Duma members do not think differently ...

Yes, they do not care about the population, the country and everything else, except for the dough.

And not recognition can lead to the genocide of the Russian-speaking population!



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