Georgia said the West is trying to open a second front against Russia


Georgia said the West is trying to open a second front against Russia

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze said that the law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” adopted by parliament, which received considerable attention in Western countries, is only a pretext for putting pressure on Georgia to open a “second front” against Russia. He spoke about this in an interview with the First Georgian Channel.

"Since the beginning of 2022, there has been serious interest in opening a 'second front' in Georgia, which would weaken Russia's position, but this would destroy our country. Such interest remains today," - Kobakhidze emphasized.

According to him, the desire to open a “second front” does not take into account the interests and security of Georgia and is part of a global strategy aimed at weakening Russia. Kobakhidze is confident that in the modern world there is a “global war party” that pursues exclusively its own goals and does not care about the fate of Georgia.

The Foreign Influence Transparency Act requires organizations that receive foreign funding to disclose their sources and purposes of funding. Western countries criticize this law, considering it to restrict the freedom and independence of non-governmental organizations. However, Georgian authorities insist that the law is aimed at ensuring transparency and protecting national interests.

Kobakhidze noted that external pressure on Georgia related to this law is an attempt to manipulate and interfere in the internal affairs of the country. He emphasized that the Georgian government will defend its sovereign interests and make decisions based on national priorities and security.


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