Khabarovsk Airport


In Khabarovsk, the plane of the Yakutia company urgently landed

Airlines' passenger aircraftYakutia"Made an emergency landing in Khabarovsk.

The causes of the emergency landing at the Khabarovsk airport still remain unknown to the aviation portal, however, according to some information, during the flight to Mirny, a technical malfunction was found on board the aircraft, which poses a direct threat to further flight.

According to the employees of the Khabarovsk airport, the landing on the territory of the air hub took place in a normal mode, while neither the passengers nor the members of the aircraft crew were injured, and the aircraft itself was not damaged upon landing.

As it became known from the representatives of the airline, subsequently, all passengers were sent on a previously scheduled flight route.

The fact of the incident is being verified.


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