In the Kharkiv region, a strike and reconnaissance helicopter was shot down from MANPADS

The combat helicopter carried out strikes, but was hit by MANPADS during the retreat.

After the combat rotorcraft exhausted all the ammunition and tried to retreat to their positions, the helicopter crew made an unforgivable mistake by raising the helicopter to a height of several tens of meters, becoming an almost ideal target for the MANPADS operator. The missile successfully hit the rotorcraft and the latter fell a few hundred meters from the place where the missile hit - the crew failed to survive.

At the moment, it is known that the helicopter carried out strikes, shooting false thermal targets. However, the helicopter crew used up not only ammunition, but also heat traps, as a result of which it was no longer possible to repel an attack by MANPADS from the latter. Apparently, the rocket hit the engine of the attack and reconnaissance helicopter exactly, as a result of which the latter abruptly began to lose power and fall.

It is not possible to establish the type of helicopter from the video footage, however, sources note that the crew did not survive.

A day earlier, video footage had already appeared on the Web, where you can see how another combat helicopter was shot down in a similar way - then the crew also made a mistake and raised the helicopter to a considerable height, thereby allowing the missile to capture itself.


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