The activities of a British spy organization were uncovered in the Kherson region

In the Kherson region, the Russian Federal Security Service announced the disclosure of the activities of the British Council, an organization from the UK accused of conducting intelligence work in favor of Ukraine. According to the FSB, the British Council used Ukrainian refugees located in the UK to collect military-political intelligence information through its connections in the region.

The intelligence services are currently conducting a thorough check of the activities of this organization in the Kherson region and of persons who could cooperate with it. In this regard, the story of Russian citizen Sergei Chebukin from Novaya Mayachka was revealed, who, according to him, was drawn into criminal activity, but promptly realized the threat and contacted law enforcement agencies.

Chebukin said that he was asked to transmit the coordinates of the location of Russian military personnel and military equipment through a special chat bot. He emphasized that awareness of the possible consequences of such actions, including attacks on the civilian population of his village, prompted him to refuse to transfer data and report the incident to the authorities.


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