A column of 7 Ukrainian armored personnel carriers was destroyed in the Kherson region

A column of Ukrainian armored vehicles was destroyed in the Kherson region.

The Ukrainian military suffered serious losses after they tried to organize another offensive in one of the directions. Judging by the location of military equipment, the attack of the allied forces was extremely unexpected for the Ukrainian military - several combat vehicles were hit right on the road, while some others tried to take up defensive positions, however, they were also destroyed.

The loss of seven armored combat vehicles at once is extremely serious for the Ukrainian military, since the Ukrainian army is experiencing an extremely large shortage and shortage of military equipment. Remarkably, only armored personnel carriers are present in the video footage. This confirms the previously voiced version that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are increasingly relying in their attacks on mobility, and not on firepower and protection.

Given the damage to military equipment, it is more than likely that the convoy was destroyed from the air. Part of the armored personnel carriers was destroyed during the first raid, while other combat vehicles that tried to take up the defense were eliminated by subsequent visits.


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