Forced aircraft landing


ICAO has not yet believed the Belarusian authorities who forcibly landed the "RyanAir"

Experts did not believe the arguments of the Belarusian side about the forcible landing of the RyanAir board.

Members of the International Civil Aviation Organization, who arrived in neighboring Belarus, began an active investigation of the incident that occurred several months ago with the forced landing of a RyanAir aircraft in the country. The preliminary report is expected to be published next month, and the official one by the end of this year. Judging by the information from the Belarusian side, ICAO members did not believe the presented arguments.

According to the head of the Ministry of Transport of Belarus, in the opinion of the Belarusian authorities, ICAO specialists were proved that the actions related to the landing of the aircraft in Minsk were legal in nature. At the same time, sources in the International Civil Aviation Organization note that no convincing arguments were presented, not to mention the fact that earlier the crew of the RyanAir flight announced attempts to put pressure on him by the Belarusian authorities and security forces immediately after forced boarding.

Today, Belarusian airlines are completely prohibited from operating any flights to Europe. As a result, the losses of the only national air carrier turned out to be extremely large, even despite the organization of additional flights to Russian cities.


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