In India, the wrecked Soviet MiG-21

In India, the MiG-21 fighter crashed.

Fighter MiG-21 belonged to the Indian Air Force, and according to information received by the Avia.pro portal, performed a training flight. It became known that the pilot of the aircraft managed to eject several seconds before the plane crashed to the ground, while he himself was not injured, but at the same time, the Indian Air Force command noted that the pilot had reported a technical malfunction on board, The version of the failure of the control system is being verified, and an investigation into the catastrophe in the near future will begin.

Based on official information, the Indian Air Force, in only three years, lost 20 of its combat aircraft, and, in most accidents, the crew of the aircraft was killed. According to experts, the main reason for the incident occurred is the inadequate maintenance of combat aircraft, especially since most of them are very outdated.