India announced "hacking" of Russian S-400

India spoke about the possibilities of hacking the systems of the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Despite the fact that there are only a few months left before the delivery of the S-400 systems to the Indian army, it became known that India is seriously considering the threat of hacking the Russian air defense systems. According to Indian experts, first of all, China will try to take advantage of this opportunity, which also has S-400 complexes in its armament, and, therefore, has an idea of ​​how to counteract the operation of this weapon.

“It is necessary to view China as a potential military threat to India, since it also purchased the S-400. This means that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force will be very knowledgeable about the S-400 and will be able to train deeply against it, which means that it may not be a long-term reliable deterrent for India against the PLA. "- said Justin Bronk, a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London.

By hacking Russian air defense systems, India means, first of all, the active jamming of the normal operation of Russian complexes by the Chinese military, which implies the use of electronic warfare systems and radio-technical means.

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that there is no real threat, since Russian weapons have flexible settings, and therefore, the military from the PRC will not be able to carry out a targeted effect on the Triumph complexes, except for jamming.

That's for sure ... What does hack mean? Some formulations from the IT field. Most likely, we are talking about the fact that China, having systems with similar characteristics, will be able to significantly weaken its combat capabilities, using the knowledge gained as a result of flying around its own complexes using active jamming equipment on its aircraft?

Where the wind is blowing from can be understood from one phrase: ... being a fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London ...